Summoning of the Guardian of the Western Tower

Hail the Guardian of the Western Tower, she who flows with the rivers and the springs, the keeper of nymphs and the mistress of maidens who die afore time.

Hail the Guardian of the West, who with her magical touch heals the scarred and blemished skin and turns it an untainted white.

Hail the Guardian of the West who heals the crackled pores and turns it to lurid and lucid ice.

Hail the Guardian of the West who presides over all spirits that haunt the waterways and lurk beneath watery expanses.

I invoke thee, she who blesses the farms and the fields with water, she who brings rains to stifle the smoldering and sweltering heat of the relentless sun.

I invoke thee, the guardian of lakes, rivers and streams, she who drifts in with the midday breeze, scattering and dispersing to all corners of the world, she whose arrival fills the nostrils with the scent of rosemary and thyme.

Come sister, come forth from thy castle in the watery graves of the West, to bless this coven. Come sister, come forth, to shower us with thy love and to cover us with thy glory.

Copyright © 2019 by Sueanne Wellson


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