Summoning of the Guardian of the Northern Tower

Hail the Spirit of the Wind, the Guardian of the North, she who solemnly gazes upon all things that flitter and flutter. I greet thee my sister who is vested with the powers of the earth, whose breezy touch cherishes and nourishes, whose kiss wheedles and caresses, the flowers, the oaks and the cedar.

I greet thee, the Guardian of the North, Spirit of the Wind, keeper of trees and forests, she who ambles in with the morning breeze, whose whisper fleetingly disperses watchful eyes and spying ears. I summon her who is as mild as the fleeting wind or she who rages like a storm.

I summon her whose voice is as sweet as a lark or as harsh as frost, she who is the essence of rose and the essence of magnolia. I summon thee the Guardian of the North in thy most placid form.

Come sister, come forth from thy castle in the farthest reaches of the brazen ice-fields to bless this coven. Come sister, come forth, to shower us with thy love and to cover us with thy glory.

Copyright © 2019 by Sueanne Wellson


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