Hymn to Dawn

Praise to Dawn who rides her silver chariot drawn by her solar steeds whose luster ushers in the morning sun and dispels all traces of the night. Praise to her who is most worthy of worship, her beams and her splendor, stretch from the heavens above to the floors of the ocean. Praise to the goddess with the golden colored hair, one of the four prettiest women in the world, she who is adorned in gold and silver, and garlanded with the glory of the morning.

Praise to the daughter of the heavens whose radiance dispels all doubts and whose brilliance disperses all fear. Like a valiant archer, like a swift warrior, she banishes any lingering traces of tenebrosity.

She passes easily through the hills and the meadows and her light sparkles off the white waters of the oceans, glistening and glistering, blinding all that is evil, spreading instantly over vast distances.

Shedding her light on us, she calls us forth from slumber. She brings hither the man who worships glory, power, might, food and vigor. Opulent in her manner she favors us like heroes favor their servants. Dawn who brings oblation and stands prominent on the mountain ridges, she who gives wealth to noble heroes, shine your light on us.

Copyright © 2019 by Sueanne Wellson


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