Hymn to Agni

Praise Agni, Lord of Fire, benevolent lord of sacrifice, lavisher of wealth, granter of boons. Worthy is he to be praised for he will bring forth the gods to grace this holy gathering with their revered presence.

Through Agni men obtain wealth beyond measure and warriors obtain fame without comparison. Through his effulgent and resplendent flames may their wealth multiply and their fame increase.

Through Agni we make the perfect sacrifices and our offerings are sped to grace the feet of the most auspicious gods and the most sagacious saints. May Agni most sapient of gods, be mindful of our needs and bless us accordingly.

May Agni most benignant of gods grant us our requests, as true as the air that we breathe and the water that we drink, will Agni look favorably upon our petitions.

Agni dispeller of darkness, the light of night, the flame of hope, the beacon of salvation, we revere thee with all our hearts and before thee we surrender in the noblest fashion, humbled by thy magnificence.

Radiant Agni, luminous guardian of the eternal law, lord and ruler of sacrifices we approach thee as son and daughter to father, may thee forever intervene and intercede favorably on our behalf.

Copyright © 2019 by Sueanne Wellson


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