Hymn to Aditi

Laud Aditi, the primordial creatrix, the mother of the gods, the daevas, the mitras, the asuras and all beings mortal and celestial. Praise Aditi the goddess of the five nations; she who is the past, the present and the future. May the queen of equity, justice and fairness, great mother of all that is good and noble, guide us lest we should falter and be led astray.

May the beneficent goddess spread her wings far and wide, engulfing our company thereby bringing us under her protection and dispelling any evil that may befall us.

May we ascend without sin the vessel of righteousness and row it with strong and steady arms. May the boat that never leaks, despite any turbulence, despite the unsteady winds of change, sail smoothly on the endless ocean of creation. May the custodian of the heavens and the guardian of the earth in whose lap the spacious air resides afford us the protection of the three layers. We sing in praise of Aditi’s sons, the loftiest of gods, and seek their guidance and assistance in our endeavors.

Let us go forward in search of glory and riches secure in the knowledge that divine Aditi, will evermore be at our side. Benevolent Aditi, divide guardian of creation, we approach thee as son and daughter to mother, may thee take us under thy protection, never failing to intervene and intercede favorably on our behalf.

Copyright © 2019 by Sueanne Wellson


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