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The twofold nature of the mind

Previously we looked at past life regression and how it is used to help overcome some of the bodily aches, pains and niggles that we take for granted and we have also looked into the Hindu belief of the duality of existence i.e. the believe that the human body is divided into two components, the tangible component or the body which perishes with time and the intangible component or the soul which exists for the duration of time or for the duration of the universe.
It is now important to understand the twofold nature of the human mind and why we cannot or rather, are unable to access repressed memories or memories from a previous existence without some type or form of help or assistance like hypnosis, which, as I have pointed out earlier, can be dangerous or the more subtle practice of yoga which will eventually lead us to spiritual meditation.
The mind as we know it is divided into two components the conscious mind or the temporal or corporeal mind so called because it is overly concern…

Past life regression

Past life regression or past life regression therapy is based on the ancient Hindu principle that advocates the duality of existence. The body as we know it is divided into two components, the temporal body or the physical body and the soul or the spiritual matter within the body. The former is driven by corporeal demands while the latter is driven by spiritual demands. The former remains in existence for a lifetime while the latter remains for the duration of all time or is eternal.
Past life regression therapy is based on the principle that once the physical body dies, the astral body or the soul migrates and occupies a new body and therefore it retains the memories of its past existence and according to the theory any unexplained pain, niggles or illnesses that we suffer in the present life can be attributed to the injuries we sustained or incurred in our past life and therefore by confronting those memories or by coming to terms with them we can do away with the pains, niggles and …

Fish Feeds (Aquaculture)

A major factor in sustaining a vibrant aquaculture sector is the ability to use the right fish feed. Among the various fish feeds available, plankton remains the most desirable and it is an essential ingredient or component in cultivating a sustainable symbiotic culture. Plankton is best described as diverse microorganisms that live in water.
Their microscopic composition makes them susceptible to water currents and they move with the flow of the water. In addition to plankton, fish also feed on other organisms that exist in aquatic environments, and these include nekton and benthos. The cultivation of these organisms is crucial to sustaining any aquaculture sector.
Part of pond aquaculture includes increasing plankton density. A total of three-fourths of the earth’s oxygen supply is produced by phytoplankton in the oceans. Phytoplankton helps increase the oxygen levels in water and is a major source of dissolved oxygen in pond photosynthesis. Plankton is also crucial to high altitude…


Karma is a fundamental belief of the Hindu faith and basically it denotes the sum collective of all actions, both good and bad, that follows the soul into the next life. Hinduism is based on the notion that existence is dualistic in nature and that the human body is composed or comprises of two components the physical component i.e. the body per se and the spiritual component or the spiritual matter within the body which is commonly referred to as the soul. While the body exists for a limited time and comes to an end after having existed for a specific period, the soul is eternal and exists for all time.
The physical body comes into existence with birth and from then on it gets stronger with age as it grows from adolescence to youth and continues to gain physical strength with time until its faculties start to slow down and it loses the strength it has gained as it grows old and infirm before slipping into death. The body is then reduced to ashes or cremated and it remains only as a fl…

Pink Bush Flower


The Yamuna River

The Yamuna River is the second longest tributary of the River Ganges and it is regarded in both Hindu mythology and theology as a representation of the Goddess Yamuna who is none other than the sister of the God of Death, Yama - the very personification of Dharma.
Yama and Yamuna are the son and daughter of the Sun God Surya and the grandson and the granddaughter of the Primordial Creatrix, Aditi, and therefore are Devas or descendents of the race of Gods.
Yama and Yamuna were born onto what could only be described as the Hindu Garden of Eden and were its first inhabitants. They were the earliest occupants of this earthly paradise, a place that was unsoiled by the rigors and turmoil of the physical world and whose inhabitants were untouched by the birth and death cycle and were not subjected to the turning of the karmic wheel. It was a land where the sun never set and it remained perpetually and continuously in the sky.
According to the Vedas, Yama is an Ä€ditya (child or descendent of Ad…

Princess of the South Sea

The South China Sea has witnessed its fair share of deaths and local residents and fishermen often have to brave strong winds and high waves to bring in their share of the spoils. The sand here is softer and finer than that on the west coast of the peninsula and it is highlighted by a succulent light golden hue that prevails throughout the year.
There are many small and scattered islands located on the South China Sea and piracy is not infrequent. Only in recent times has the situation calmed down somewhat.
According to popular myth, the sea comes under the dominion of a Princess called the Princess of the South Sea and every year, without fail, she claims at least seven lives. It’s an obscure myth but local residents are observant and careful not offend the Princess when ferrying on her waters.
The myth may have originated from the Island of Lombok where the Princess is believed to be the spiritual consort of the rulers of Mataram. Interestingly enough the word Mataram is an extension o…

Orange Creeper