Gretchen Gottlieb II

There are 3 possibilities that I would like to consider here. The first is that there is a genetic link i.e. a genetic component that stores the memories of earlier generations and hands it down to the next. These memories maybe repressed or suppressed memories and they may never come to light until and unless they are triggered by a specific event. In the case of Delores it was the act of subjecting her to hypnotic sleep.

However that would imply that there is a familial bond but according to the facts as they are, Gretchen was an only child and she died childless at a very young age. Therefore despite the theory being valid and applicable in certain situations, it does not warrant further examination in this particular instance.

The second possibility is that Caroll Jay whether intentionally or otherwise may have used a technique known as past life regression. It works on the principle that our mind is an unlimited storage facility and all things past, present and future are stored in the mind’s memory banks or as some people like to call it the unconscious or the subconscious mind. Past life regression is a process that unlocks the memories that are hidden in the endless vaults of our minds including those that belong to a past existence.

Therefore what has transpired during the numerous sessions is that the memories of Delores in her past life have been brought to light through the process of hypnosis. This of course would imply that life is a continuous process and that we all go through what is commonly known or perceived to be the birth-death cycle.

If the alternate personality was indeed the result of past life regression we can conclude that Delores was in fact Gretchen in her past life. During the regressive process, the hypnotist guides the patient (subject) back in time towards certain events in the past and it is possible that Caroll Jay, the hypnotist, went too far back in time and uncovered memories that belonged to Delores when she was Gretchen.

Gretchen is an extremely intriguing personality as far as alternate personalities go and there is something about her that paints a poignant picture. Even as I write this I can’t help but wonder if there is something that can be or should be done that we haven’t done or if there is something that we should do and that brings me to our third possibility.

Delores without knowing it or realizing it may be a spirit medium and Gretchen used her to communicate with the hypnotist. I don’t know if it is possible to study to become a spiritual medium or if it possible to acquire the knowledge through books and other reading materials using the contemporary meaning that is attached to study.

It is possible in Hinduism but it requires the help of a teacher who is well versed in the relevant texts and they are not easy to find. In most cases however it is a latent ability that many people have and they are not aware of it until something prompts them or urges them in the appropriate direction.

According to most sources spirit mediums draw their energy from spirits around them which is not wrong and it leads me to come to the conclusion that there must have been something in the room or thereabouts that belonged to Gretchen.

It must have been something she valued for example a doll, an item of furniture or jewelry, the possibilities are endless, and Gretchen’s spirit is somehow attached to that item. It’s not really possession at all; it’s just that Gretchen’s spirit has used Delores as a channel to communicate with others.

Spirits especially of those who have died under unnatural circumstances tend to linger around the people or the objects that they value most. In Gretchen’s case she died an untimely death and her spirit may linger around an object that she particularly cherished.

The object was most likely in the room and when Delores was put under hypnotic sleep, the channels were opened i.e. Delores became the conduit through which Gretchen relayed her message(s).

So what did Gretchen really want? I think the only thing she wanted or desired was to tell her story and it is a compelling story that is worth telling a hundred times over. I think she wanted to be accorded her last rites in the manner that she was accustomed to or in the manner in which her mother was buried in.

She was murdered and her father was in prison at the time of her death. She may never have been buried in the manner prescribed by the Roman Catholic faith and she may never have been accorded her last rites. Doing so in the manner prescribed by the faith and religion she was born in and accepted may set her spirit at ease.

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