Pani Puri

Pani puri, the epitome of the Indian chaat (snack), is among other things a famous roadside snack. Also known as golgappa or puchka, this incredibly delicious tit-bit is enjoyed by people from all age groups.
If one is walking down a street and sees a vendor or a stall selling panipuri, it’d be almost impossible for the person not to stop there. This spicy and crunchy dish is mouth watering and can satisfy the taste-buds of any Indian or any lover of Indian food.
Pani puri is the combination of two words, pani and puri. Puri is a hollow, deep fried, crunchy piece of dough, and pani is the Hindi word for water. The spicy and mouthwatering pani of pani puri does wonders for this amazing chaat.
Want to know the perfect way to prepare it?
To prepare the pani:-
·Soak tamarind in ½ a cup of warm water for around 20 minutes.·Then, remove the seeds, fibers and take out the pulp.·Mix the pulp with other ingredients and grind it to a paste.·Empty the paste into a pan, add water and wait until i…

Growing eggplants from seeds (week 3 & 4)

After the 4th week I find that the eggplants haven’t grown by much but the leaves are much bigger and a couple of them have grown a third leaf which tends to indicate that the plants are coping see below
 The following photos show you what the plants look like after the 4th week. 

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Samyabaji (Newari)

Samyabaji is a popular Newari dish that is usually prepared & eaten during special occasions & festivals as part of the celebrations. Samyabaji is known for its taste, uniqueness and its blend of natural spices that make it a dish to be savored. It is in reality a dish that comprises of numerous dishes. The main dish or the principal dish is the mouthwatering “choela” or buffalo meat marinated and prepared with a range of exotic spices.In addition to that samyabaji also includes a host of other smaller dishes like:-·beaten rice which is both common and popular among Nepalis·black soya bean·boiled potato (marinated)·boiled egg·pickle or pickles·spinach·garlic & ginger·dried fish·bara or fried black lentil pancake which is somewhat soft and squishy·black peas The dish is served with a glass of thwo or local white wine. Curd a drink that is similar to lassi, only thicker, is offered once the dish is eaten to help with digestion. Both curd and lassi are also common remedies for …